We know we have the most community minded, heartfelt and dedicated volunteers! But when we see and hear about all the things our volunteers are part of in the news and through the grapevine, it makes us so proud. This article below talks about a worthy program called Honor Flight. You can read up below, but we wanted to shout out to 3 of our volunteers who we know have participated.

Featured in the front right of the image posted in the article is our very own Bill Breyer! Bill is a Search & Rescue team member with NVHS. We also know that Christine Tate and her daughter Megan (who volunteer at NVHS Stand Down, Thanksgiving, and other events during the year) took part in a meet & greet and saw the WWII veterans off for Honor Flight just a few weeks ago.

Way to show up for our veterans! If we missed anyone here, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience with Honor Flight!
Honor flight sends off veterans to D.C. memorial

Written by R. Norman Moody FLORIDA TODAY

Jun. 27

published at floridatoday.com

Twenty-five World War II veterans received a festive send-off early this morning as they left Wickham Park Senior Community Center on their way to Washington, D.C. as part of Space Coast Honor Flight.

The veterans were scheduled to visit the World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and other monuments in their honor in the nation’s capital.

“This will be great,” said Chuck Headley, 90, before leaving on the trip about 4 a.m. today.

The veterans left for Orlando International Airport in a bus

escorted by Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies with their flashing lights. Blue Knights and other motorcyclist also were part of the escort caravan. The veterans are expected to return late tonight.Headley’s son, David Headley of Cocoa, said it was a great opportunity to share with his father

and serve as his guardian for the trip.“Being able tot honor him today is such a thrill,” David Headley said.As many as 200 people, including airmen from Patrick Air Force Base, Brig. Gen Nina Armagno, U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, family

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Bill Welser, chairman of Space Coast Honor Flight, briefed the veterans on what to expect and ask them to open up and tell their stories to their families.

“There are people you’ll see today that have never met a World War II veteran,” he said.