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2008-2018 Reduction in Brevard Homeless Vets
2019 Housing Program Success Rate
2019 Program Expense Ratio



When we were first founded in 2008, there were approximately 1,800 homeless veterans living in Brevard County. As of January 2018’s Bi-Annual Point in Time Count, Brevard County’s population had been reduced to less than 300, an amazing 88% reduction in 10 years! While we are very proud of the work we have accomplished, we still have a ways to go before we can say mission complete. According to the US Census Bureau there are 4,400 veterans in Brevard County that are in poverty, and so to reach mission complete we have to get all of the homeless housed while at the same time keep the at-risk in their homes.

What makes us truly unique is the fact that we tackle homelessness directly where it exists…on the streets of our community. We proactively go out to find our clients through street level outreach where they live, provide basic needs to ensure their survival and build rapport, and connect them to any organization that offers a service beneficial to them, rapidly moving from homeless to housed.

While being successful at your primary purpose as an organization is the most important factor, it is just as important to be fiscally responsible. That is why we are so proud of our 92% program service ratio  for 2019 (92 cents of every dollar spent went to our programs), as well as our continuous Gold Star rating on GuideStar, the trusted leader in non-profit accountability.

We hope as you go through our site you will be as inspired as we are to achieve our mission of “Eliminating Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida”.


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