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Veteran Resources

NVHS knows that no matter how many volunteers we have, and as much as our Search & Rescue Recon teams travel, look for, and reach out, we can make a huge impact by having resources available to veterans online. Those veterans in transition, who are looking for answers and help before they become destitute, may find life-changing help, information and resources here. Please take the time to review all the available resources for yourself or someone you care about.

We do our best to keep this page updated with correct numbers, information, and links.
As a volunteer organization, we ask that if you find a discrepancy you email us via our contact form so we can correct any errors ASAP. Thank you.

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VA Programs: Employment Resource

November 11th, 2022|

VA Programs: Employment Resource When it comes to addressing and preventing homelessness among veterans, employment is one of the most impactful and effective factors. Veterans with a steady job are more likely to be financially stable, safely housed, and have access to amenities such as health insurance.  However, for a [...]

VA Programs: Health Resources

October 11th, 2022|

VA Programs: Health Resources Injuries and medical issues (whether service-related or not) can have a huge impact on the lives of veterans, as can the process of finding and paying for healthcare services.  Fortunately, for veterans who qualify, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers extensive resources and support. However, [...]

Veteran Experiences: Vietnam Veterans

October 11th, 2022|

  Veteran Experiences: Vietnam Veterans In many ways, the Vietnam War was a formative part of United States history. For example, it was the first widely televised war, meaning that the American public had unprecedented access to the conflict. Further, despite the many years and lives lost to the war, [...]

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