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Thank you for considering joining us! We have many volunteer opportunities each year that span from helping spread awareness, to taking a leadership role in Search & Rescue missions. Opportunities are posted below.

Other information and event opportunities are also posted on our Facebook page– so get social with us!

Everyone’s ability to help is unique. We know that while some volunteers want to work with veterans directly in Search & Rescue and Stand Down each year, others like to support our mission through the use of their specialized skills such as legal, accounting, or other services. Some volunteers prepare holiday meals for our veterans living without or wrap holiday gifts during our Warm Full Safe event. Although the ways to help and volunteer vary greatly, each of our volunteers impacts the lives of the veterans we serve, and each is appreciated for their efforts!

NVHS utilizes Volunteer Management software to post new and current volunteer position descriptions and process volunteer applications. Click the available position below to go straight to a position that interests you!

Volunteer Opportunities

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March 31,2018 Outreach Event in South Brevard

April 1st, 2018|

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in our March 31, 2018 Outreach Event in South Brevard! With your help we were able to Identify several new homeless veteran camps and distribute lots of supplies to Brevard County homeless [...]

Getting ready for WFS…

January 11th, 2017|

Big thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help NVHS sort and haul supplies to the motel where our homeless vets will spend Christmas Eve and Day! Pictured: George Taylor Sr, Christina Elleman, and the Cape Canaveral Coast Guard crew!

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