Resources for Veterans

Whether you’re a veteran in need or a Good Samaritan looking for ways to provide help for homeless veterans, these resources are a great starting point for some of veterans’ most common needs:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs. As an institution, the VA is contentious, not least for its recent history of scandals and its reputation for being weighed down by bureaucracy. In spite of all that, however, it’s important to remember that the VA does provide help and resources to veterans who qualify, and is still widely considered the most comprehensive veterans resource center. Consider contacting them or visiting your local VA office to find out how they can help you, or call their 24/7 Veterans Crisis Line for immediate help.

  • Homeless Shelters Directory. This resource provides a list of homeless shelters and homeless service organizations by state and city.

  • Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. No one should have to struggle with a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide alone. As of July 2022, you can dial 988 to be connected with mental health crisis services.

  • Legal Help for Veterans. The American Bar Association maintains a directory of legal programs for veterans and military families.

  • Community Health Centers. This tool from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) provides a list of community-based health centers by area. These health centers deliver primary care to vulnerable individuals and families, including those experiencing homelessness.

  • Local Community and Nonprofit Organizations. Many smaller private and nonprofit organizations offer hands-on help for veterans experiencing homelessness or instability in their area. National Veterans Homeless Support is proud to serve veterans in Central Florida. For services outside of Central Florida, consider calling 211 to be connected with local resources. 

National Veterans Homeless Support seeks to eliminate homelessness among veterans in Central Florida and nationwide. NVHS takes a proactive, intervention-based approach to homelessness by meeting homeless veterans where they are and helping them from there. Through programs like Search and Rescue Outreach, NVHS helps homeless veterans get the supplies they need to survive, connects them with support and resources, and helps them transition off the streets and into temporary or permanent housing. If you’re able, consider supporting our mission by donating or signing on as a volunteer.