Ways To Help Veterans

Ways To Help Veterans Since 2009, veteran homelessness has decreased by 50%—an incredible milestone, but one that still leaves room for the estimated 40,000 veterans that remain homeless each night. [...]

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Veterans and Civilian Life

Veterans and Civilian Life While returning to their families and homes can be a cause for celebrations, for many veterans, it's also a difficult process—and one that can have serious [...]

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RVLA Dinner, August 12, 2022

Save the date! On Friday, August 12th, Brevard's Constitutional Officers will host the 7th Annual Rescuing Veterans Lost in America Dinner Fundraiser, at Radisson Resort at the Port to help [...]

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Veterans and Employment

Veterans and Employment When it comes to talking about veteran employment, most of the news is good news. For example, according to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics [...]

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Veterans and Disability

Veterans and Disability Disability amongst veterans is a complex topic, and one that can have extensive implications for veterans' employment prospects, ability to find housing, and overall well-being. According to [...]

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Veterans and Substance Abuse

Veterans and Substance Abuse Substance abuse is a serious problem in any context; however, for veterans, it's an especially complicated issue. Around 11% (or just over one in ten) of [...]

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