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The Florida State Legislature approved a measure that names a two-mile section of State Road 520 in Cocoa as the Sgt. George Lee Taylor Sr. Memorial Highway.

The highway naming honors the late George Taylor Sr., whose unwavering advocacy for those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces led to the reduction of homelessness among veterans in Brevard County by 90 percent.

The Florida State Legislature, which has long recognized Taylor’s work on behalf of fellow veterans, wanted to make it a permanent recognition.

George Taylor Sr. was a problem solver and a visionary. He saw a need in our community and decided to take action,” State Sen. Debbie Mayfield said. “The organization George Taylor Sr., formed in 2008, National Veterans Homeless Support, was to ensure that every veteran received the benefits they earned and deserved, including a place to live. He worked long hours and sacrificed time with his family to ensure that he was making a difference in each veteran’s life. Through his efforts, the NVHS will continue to have lasting impacts in our community.”

Sen. Tom Wright said the highway naming is one way of recognizing leaders and heroes from our community who have gone above and beyond the call duty.

“George Taylor Sr. represented the type of person I aspire to be when it comes to dedicating your life to a meaningful purpose,” Wright said. “The work he has done for our homeless veterans has been life changing and I hope to be able to achieve such a lofty goal in my lifetime.”

Because of all the work George Taylor Sr. started and his son continues to do for our veterans, it was important that we recognize George Taylor Sr., to highlight the good work of the Taylor family.

Briefly homeless himself after returning from the Vietnam War, Taylor Sr., who with family and a few friends began helping others, founded the National Veterans Homeless Support.

Taylor died of a heart attack in May 2020. The organization keeps his legacy alive by continuing the work of searching out homeless veterans, leading them to housing, and helping to keep others from becoming homeless.

“People like the late George Taylor, Sr., represent the very best of our country. George’s work will be an example to future generations about the importance of supporting those who defend our freedom,” State Rep. Tyler I. Sirois said. “I think memorializing George with a road, particularly in a corridor that includes NVHS headquarters (near Clearlake Road) and the heart of the area he served, is a fitting tribute. George was a friend. When he called, it was always to offer encouragement and to push us to keep veterans and their families at the forefront — he accomplished this mission every day.”

NVHS is participating in the Florida Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-highway program and has adopted the two-mile section of the Sgt. George Lee Taylor Sr. Memorial Highway. Adopt-A-Highway volunteers do periodic litter removal to maintain designated sections of roadways.