June of this year Mr. Delaney found himself approaching eviction after losing his job a few months’ prior during company layoffs. He had spent the past 30 years working in the Aerospace Industry under an Airframe and Powerplant Certification, but now his finances were quickly dwindling. Without an income he had been unable to secure future housing or make the necessary vehicle repairs to continue job scouting, and then found himself at local food pantries just to secure a meal. Mr. Delaney never thought he would end up homeless, but now that reality was staring back at him. While at the food pantry one day he was approached by NVHS Search and Rescue Outreach and was quickly placed into NVHS Transitional Housing, where he was given financial support to renew his driver’s license and repair his vehicle. He continued to submit applications and attend interviews and we are so very excited to say Mr. Delaney will start his new job as a Quality Engineer on October 28, 2018! We are happy to have been able to help him these past few months and hope you will share in that excitement by making a donation today!