“A 47-year-old man was arrested at an apartment complex in Melbourne after an hours-long standoff”

“After a nearly 12-hour standoff with authorities that included gunfire and tense negotiations, a 47-year-old man suspected of keeping SWAT team members at bay in Melbourne has been taken safely into custody.”

“The man, identified as Michael Thomas Taylor, opened the front door at 10:25 a.m. and walked out of the apartment at the Coral Gardens complex as SWAT team members kept a watchful eye. Paramedics waited as officers brought him over to be medically examind for a small cut on his hand and an abrasion on his abdomen. Officers then send a robot into the apartment to search it as a precaution.”

“Officers also brought George Taylor, an advocate long known for his work with homeless veterans, into the apartment complex but it was not immediately known if he would attempt to talk with the man.”

George did speak with the veteran Michael Taylor and was able to talk him out of the apartment within minutes. Click the links below to read the full article and video coverage on FloridaToday.com