NVHS was chosen to receive a grant in the amount of $3,750 from the Military Officers Association of America Cape Canaveral Chapter (MOAACC) to identity and assist veterans and their families in critical need of assistance with housing, financial or emergency relief. Using the grant, we were able to assist veterans with rent, utilities and deposits. We were also, able to partner with MOAACC and other community agencies to pay the back taxes of a widowed veteran spouse whose house was already set to be auctioned off. With the help of MOAACC, we were able to prevent 7 veterans, 1 widowed veteran’s spouse and 11 dependents from becoming homeless.

left to right:

  • D. Horn, Veteran
  • Michael Schroder, Treasurer, MOAACC
  • Brian Whalen, 2nd VP, MOAACC
  • Ken Lowe, 1st VP, MOAACC
  • Jennifer Taylor, Programs Director, NVHS
  • W. Parnell, Veteran
  • Steve Bond, President, MOAACC
  • Kasey Corson, Office Manager, NVHS
  • George Taylor, President, NVHS