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Veterans and Public Policy

Veterans and Public Policy Reducing homelessness among veterans is a huge undertaking. While the efforts of individuals and grassroots organizations are essential to this cause, they're not enough. To achieve [...]

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Ways To Help Veterans

Ways To Help Veterans Since 2009, veteran homelessness has decreased by 50%—an incredible milestone, but one that still leaves room for the estimated 40,000 veterans that remain homeless each night. [...]

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Veterans and Civilian Life

Veterans and Civilian Life While returning to their families and homes can be a cause for celebrations, for many veterans, it's also a difficult process—and one that can have serious [...]

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Veterans and Disability

Veterans and Disability Disability amongst veterans is a complex topic, and one that can have extensive implications for veterans' employment prospects, ability to find housing, and overall well-being. According to [...]

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Veterans and Substance Abuse

Veterans and Substance Abuse Substance abuse is a serious problem in any context; however, for veterans, it's an especially complicated issue. Around 11% (or just over one in ten) of [...]

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Veterans and Mental Illness

Veterans and Mental Illness Veterans experience a unique set of challenges, stressors, and traumas, from deployment and combat to the often-difficult process of reintegrating into civilian life after leaving the [...]

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Veterans and Poverty

Veterans and Poverty Talking about poverty is difficult—and not just because the topic itself is often a painful one. Poverty is a complex issue that exists within an interconnected web [...]

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