NVHS 2023 Impact Report: A Year of Growth and Success

In 2023, NVHS made significant strides in assisting veterans and their families, with a 36% increase in total clients assisted compared to 2022. This year, we were able to support 353 veterans and 191 of their family members through our Search and Rescue Program and Transitional Housing Program.

Transitional Housing Program

Our Transitional Housing Program provided shelter for 17 veterans and 7 of their dependents. We are proud to report a 92% success rate in transitioning these clients to their own stable housing. This program provides transitional housing to formerly homeless veterans and their dependents with the primary purpose being helping the clients achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Search and Rescue Program

Our Search and Rescue Program was instrumental in assisting 336 veterans. Among them, 89 veterans and their 107 dependents were imminently at-risk of homelessness. Through our intervention and securing of the necessary financial support, they were prevented from becoming homeless. This represents a 67% increase in total clients assisted in this way compared to 2022. Additionally, 23 unsheltered veterans were assisted off the streets and into either transitional or permanent housing.

15th Annual Thanksgiving Meal Event

During our 15th annual Thanksgiving meal event, we prepared, packaged, and delivered 318 meals to homeless and low-income veterans throughout Brevard County. Leading up to the event, we also delivered 31 complete meal baskets, including the turkey, to low-income veteran families who had the means to cook the meal themselves.

15th Annual Warm Full Safe Christmas Event

Our 15th annual Warm Full Safe Christmas event brought joy to 75 veterans and 77 of their dependents, including 55 children. We distributed gift bags of new clothing and gift cards to 64 veterans and their 74 family members who were either in transitional housing programs throughout Brevard County or were prevented from becoming homeless by our Search and Rescue Program earlier in the year and were low income. We also placed 4 homeless veterans and their 3 family members in hotels for Christmas Eve and Day with gifts and food.


In addition to our programmatic accomplishments, we are also proud to announce that we have received a clean opinion on our latest financial audit, which confirms that our financial statements are accurate and reliable. We have also maintained our gold rating on GuideStar and our four-star rating on Charity Navigator which are the highest levels of recognition for our accountability, transparency, and financial health. These ratings reflect our commitment to excellence and our adherence to best practices in the nonprofit sector.

We are grateful for your support and trust in our mission. Your donations make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Thank you for being part of our community.

In conclusion, 2023 was a year of growth and success for NVHS. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our veterans and their families, and we look forward to continuing our mission into 2024!