We are proud to share the story of a triumphant veteran named Michael Moran who went from experiencing homelessness in 2018 to rekindling contact with his estranged family, and moving into permanent housing earlier this year. Michael’s physical disabilities had prevented him from working full time and without income he found himself homeless, and separated from his wife and two sons. While homeless Michael found himself camping on the beach or sometimes couch surfing at a friends until he ran into NVHS Search & Rescue Outreach volunteer, Bill Breyer, at a food pantry. Michael was immediately connected with NVHS Transitional Housing Manager, Jan Taylor, and within a week was entered into the NVHS Transitional Housing Program. Over the next seven months Michael worked to rebuild his life. Initially he was connected with DAV Service Officer Terry Hess to reprocess his VA Disability claim gaining him a 100% disability rating, up from the initial 10% he was given. With guidance from NVHS Housing Manager, Case Manager, and staff Michael was able to use his new 100% rating generated income to reacquire his Driver’s License and move his family into permanent housing. Afterward, NVHS was able to give Michael a donated vehicle and help him fully furnish his new permanent home.