The NVHS PTSA program was designed to create and offer post-traumatic stress Awareness, Action, and Anonymity to those who may be dealing with PTSD, as well as provide more information and education about PTSD to the overall community.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is not a disease.

PTSD is what happens to someone who has experienced extreme and/or multiple exposures to traumatic events like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. PTSD currently affects more than 1 in every 30 people on earth. Chances are you know many people with PTSD. Some know they are suffering from it, and some do not. PTSD affects every person differently. Sometimes it can be temporary. That is the best case scenario, but generally speaking those who genuinely suffer PTSD will always have it.

To help NVHS end homelessness among veterans, we have determined a great need for the awareness of what PTSD is, the awareness of who suffer from it, what actions can be taken to alleviate the symptoms, and an anonymous way to seek help for those who fear losing careers, friends, or family over stigma.

Please take a moment and browse through our resources. Share them and help us spread awareness. Don’t be afraid to seek answers and help if you are suffering. Every 80 minutes a veteran commits suicide in the United States. Every 80 minutes we lose a valuable community member who served this great nation. We need to stop these statistics from increasing.

June 27th is National PTSD Awareness/Screening Day. Click HERE for the PTSD Screening page. View the buttons below for more information.

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